Top 7 Foods That Help Prevent Premature Ejaculation

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a type of sexual dysfunction in which ejaculation occurs even before penetration or shortly after. This affects sexual pleasure and can cause emotional distress to the individual, also putting a strain on the relationship.

Sexual dysfunction of this kind can severely damage the self-esteem of the affected individual. The problem, however, is quite widespread and very often can be treated or controlled by making the appropriate dietary modifications. The outcome will naturally vary, depending on the underlying cause.

Below Are 7 Foods That Help Prevent Premature Ejaculation

1.. Dark Chocolates

Chocolates are synonymous with romance, and so it is not surprising that every year chocolate sales go through the roof on Valentine’s Day! While chocolate may satisfy your sweet tooth, there are several reasons why it would be the perfect gift for your significant other.

Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac and is probably the most effective (and delicious) of all sex boosters. Dark chocolate contains a compound called “anandamide” which acts as a “feel good” chemical and helps to improve overall mood.

It also contains arginine which enhances arousal. Dark chocolate has a positive effect on serotonin and dopamine levels in the body and this reduces anxiety, stress and sexual frustration.


Many ayurvedic tonics for sex disorders in both men and women contain asparagus. The phytochemicals and glycosides in asparagus promote reproductive health as they relieve problems related to urine retention and inflammation. Experiments on rats showed that extracts of asparagus had aphrodisiac properties.

Mix 4 teaspoons of powdered asparagus root in a glass of warm milk and consume this tonic daily to help prevent premature ejaculation. Include asparagus in your diet to boost sex drive and improve lovemaking.


While chocolate dipped strawberries may be the favored dessert for a night of romance, you would be better off with a bowl of chilled banana slices topped with honey and chopped walnuts.

Bananas contain bromelain, an enzyme that boosts male libido levels and prevents premature ejaculation. Bananas are also rich in vitamin B6 – this vitamin plays an important role in the proper functioning of the male hormone testosterone.

Include bananas in the daily diet to boost testosterone levels and decrease the risk of premature ejaculation.


Eggs are often labeled a “superfood” since they contain a wide variety of nutrients. They are an excellent source of proteins which is just one reason why they are an ideal food for male reproductive health.

Another reason why eggs should be included in a diet for premature ejaculation is because they contain vitamin B1 or thiamine. Several studies have shown that a thiamine deficiency causes fatigue and decreased self-confidence – both of these have been linked to premature ejaculation.

You can include thiamine-rich foods in your diet as this will help to boost your mood and prevent premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Oranges, oats and cereals are good sources of thiamine so you can include them in your daily breakfast.


Fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel are among the best sources of vitamin D. The role of vitamin D in male reproductive health is unknown, but, several tests show that a deficiency of vitamin D has a tremendous impact on the production, quality and quantity of sperm.

Sauteed salmon with a cheese omelette is a simple but delicious way to ensure that you meet your requirement for vitamin D as all three foods are good sources of this vitamin.


Mushrooms, especially shiitake mushrooms, are rich in several nutrients that aid male reproductive health. They are a good source of choline which has a positive impact on fertility levels. They are also rich in vitamin D and zinc.

Animal tests showed that an adequate intake of zinc was linked to better testosterone and prolactin levels as well as better muscle strength and co-ordination.

Beef or lamb stew with mushrooms, onions and garlic would make an ideal meal as all of these are zinc-rich foods.


Premature ejaculation has been linked to heart disease and heart health since they have shared pathophysiologic origins. A systemic review showed that men with low levels of magnesium are more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation although the link between the two is still unclear.

Avocados are a very good source of magnesium and so they should be included in a diet to prevent premature ejaculation. You can have a bowl of diced avocados with blueberries and watermelon garnished with almond slices as all these foods are good sources of magnesium.

Eating these foods regularly will help reduce prematurely ejaculation totally. If possible, these food should be added to our regular meal.

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