This Is Why You Should Marry A Hairdresser

One of the most important but difficult decisions in life, especially for young men, is marriage. The difficulty does not lie in just marrying but marrying the right person.

Many married men are living with regret because they failed to make the right decisions in life. Marriage is a journey of a lifetime and choosing the right partner for this journey cannot be downplayed.

In choosing a partner, many young men in their quest to please society and satisfy their ego focus so much on looks while downplaying other relevant factors.

It’s good to marry a beautiful woman but a beautiful woman without other beautiful features is not worth spending your life with.

In selecting a partner, one factor every man should consider is the profession or career of the woman in question. One thing you should know as a prospective husband is that the profession of your wife will obviously affect how the home will be managed.

Being a mother and a wife at the same time is not an easy task. It is a full time employment which does not require a certificate. It needs selflessness, dedication, patience and the willingness to do.

This write-up will reveal five (5) good reasons why every young man should marry a hairdresser. Hairdressers or beauticians have been tagged as good marriage materials and the craze for them by young prospective husbands is unbelievably amazing.

Below Are The Reasons Why Every Man Should Marry A Hairdresser

1.Hairdressers Are Submissive

Hairdressers by their training are very submissive. Per their training, they are made to serve (work with) their madam’s for a maximum of three (3) years.

Throughout this period, they are not only taught how to fix hair. The training by default nurtures them to be obedient, submissive and caring.

This value of submissiveness becomes part of them (hairdressers) and they carry it into their homes when they finally marry. Majority of men who are married to hairdressers have never regretted.

If you are considering marrying a submissive woman, then I will suggest you go for a hairdresser.

2.They Are beautiful

Beauty, they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder but with hairdressers, their beauty lies in the eyes of everyone who comes into contact with them. The beauty of hairdressers is not relative. One unique thing about hairdressers is that they are simply cute.

If you doubt this assertion, visit any hairdressing salon and ascertain it for yourself. Interestingly, they are not only beautiful outside, they equally have beautiful characters.

On a lighter note, men who marry hairdressers do not have to spend money on their wife’s hair.

3.Hairdressers Know How To Make A Man Happy In Bed

This is an open secret. Hairdressers appear to have the key to a man’s happiness. I’m not sure where this special and unique ability was gotten from but hairdressers are simply amazing and know how to ”do it well”.

To the young men out there, you are the best judges. Just reminisce on the time you came into contact with a hairdresser. Now share that great experience with the reading public.

One thing that can keep a man glued to his wife is that special thing that hairdressers have.

4..Good Home Managers

Do you need a woman that can help you to manage your home? I have good news for you. Visit the nearest beauty salon and pluck one of those beautiful flowers.

Managing a home involves taking good care of both husband and wife and the best person to do this for you is a hairdresser.

5.Willingness To Assist Their Husbands Financially

Men naturally do not feel comfortable around women who are overly dependent. Every man wants a woman who will be willing to assist, should the unexpected happen.

Hairdressers are known to be good ”supporters” of the home i.e husband and kids. When it comes to finances in a marriage, it shouldn’t be a one way affair. A man alone cannot provide all the financial support. Women equally have a role to play and hairdressers play that role perfectly.

The above reasons should clear any misconception people have about hairdressers. That fact that most of them did not have formal education doesn’t mean they can’t be good wives.

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