The Wrongful Use of Face Shield to Combat Covid-19

Whoever is promoting the wearing of face shields in Ghana is not helping the Ghanaian society (and the world) in our fight against the deadly COVID-19. 

I watched with disappointment and disdain the gradual increase in the wearing of face shields instead of nose marks as one of the recommended COVID-19 safety protocols. 
It seems some of our women care more about their makeups than their health… (and some men as well).

Face shield is not a replacement for nose mask. Face shield offers no protection against contracting the corona-virus, as it has no filtration ability. At best use the face shield with a nose mask or use only a nose mask. Face shield only protects your face from splashes. 

Some people are now wearing face shields (instead of nose masks) and are allowed entry to public spaces, including banking halls, schools, mosques, churches, markets, etc and we wonder why COVID-19 cases are sharply rising in Ghana. This is a contributing factor to the sudden rise of COVID-19 cases in Ghana.

The use of face shields alone (without nose masks) is totally *WRONG* and should not be allowed, as it offers no protection against contacting the corona virus. 

I watched on Ghanaian TV channel a vociferous campaigner on Covid-19 pandemic in Ghana allowing a panelist on their platform displaying the same careless negligence. 
At the recent Emy Awards event, the same negligence was on display with Ghanaian “celebrities” showing up only in face shields. 

I’m watching News File on Joy TV right now, and the host (Mr. Sampson Lardi Ayenini) and his panelists including the seasoned journalist (Mr. Kweku Baako Jr) and the special aid to former president John Mahama (Mrs. Joyce Mogtari) are all wearing face shields instead of nose masks.
This behavior is really disappointing, as it puts a huge hurdle on our way and breaks our spirit in our collective effort in the fight against COVID-19.
No health institution or organization in Ghana and the world has approved or will approve face shields as replacement for nose masks against COVID-19. 

Fellow Ghanaians, let’s do the right thing. In our national fight against COVID-19, either wear the face shield along with a nose mask or wear only the nose mask. Do *NOT* wear only the face shield. Only our collective (united) effort will overcome this pandemic
God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.

Written By : Nana Kojo Butler


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