ROFAC Successfully Launches CPR Education in Accra (Ashaiman Main Lorry Station)

Reach Out For A Child – ROFAC is a registered NGO in Ghana and Denmark. Unlike most charities, ROFAC is run by volunteers, so virtually every penny we receive goes straight to the schools, children and the communities we support, unless otherwise agreed.

ROFAC aims to shifting the narrative of underprivileged families in Ghana through partnerships. This we do by helping to improve education and healthcare facilities for the underprivileged groups.

ROFAC believes that by improving school infrastructures, we make leaning attractive thus increasing attendance and a pleasant and safe learning environment. We also believe in educating from the grassroots.

On March 22rd 2019, ROFAC Launched A Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation workshop at the Ashaiman Main Lorry Station.

The event started on a rather dull note but eventually picked up with an amazing welcoming crowd. The leaders of the respective cooperative unions at the station were an active apart of the program.

2 nurses from Denmark, Mrs Yvonne Mawufemor Pedersen and Mr Samuel Mensah lead the workshop chaired by Dr Awura Adjoa Nunoo from Ridge hospital Ghana.

After the workshop, a few from the audience volunteered to demonstrate what they have seen by practicing on the mannequins.

Response to the workshop was rather impressive, not to mention the interest with follow up questions from the very active audience.

From the experience, we quickly concluded that there is a huge demand for CPR education in Ghana therefore the need to go to all educational sectors, corporates, churches, etc to educate about CPR. [contentad widget=”604777″]

ROFAC is available for bookings for CPR workshops throughout the country. We can be contacted on CALL/WHATSAPP 026 281 1518.

The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation workshop was a great success. The day ended with refreshments.

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