REVIEW: Nyaniba Hotel With Its Serene Environment. A Place To Spend A Day.

Oguaa Fetu Afahye, a festival celebrated by the people of Oguaa (Cape Coast) has been in existence for over 54 years ago. The Fetu Afahye comes with its own pros and cons but I usually lookat the cultural impact on tourists and indigenes, entertainment and the business side of it.

As the festival season is drawing near, I personally visit places of interest and that of my readers and followers. I also go to shops and vendors to promote their products and services to the world.

Funny enough, I haven’t reviewed a hotel in my dealings and didn’t even know what to look out for. During a research on hotels in Cape Coast, I chanced on Nyaniba Hotel so I decided to give it a shot. I chose this hotel because of its unique name; Nyaniba, a name given to a female borne.

— Reviewing businesses or enterprises here in Cape Coast using social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and the others.

Nyaniba Hotel was officially opened to the general public two years ago and I must admit the structure /edifice is still shinny like it was built few weeks ago. I got to the gate and was greeted with a beautiful smile from the gateman (security personnel), later the receptionist appeared in his neatly ironed black trouser and a white long sleeve with an orange bow-tie.

I was ushered into my room; a very big bed, with all that I needed; well I chose and paid for the biggest room in the hotel because I needed to review from the highest point of their services.

The 40 room hotel has spacious rooms that has all the facilities and furniture; neatly dressed beds, clean washroom, water heater, fridge , a flat screen TV, a table and a chair in case you need to turn the room into an office (laughing), a big sofa, beautiful African arts hangings and a lot more.

Room Service

Damn, you cannot wake me up by 7am with a loud phone call asking me what kinda breakfast I want! Well, I felt like a king for once in my life having been asked what I wanna eat and all that treats that a king receives.

I spend most of my time on the computer when I am at home so I needed a way out of getting up to get this or that. I work so much that it’s convenient to be able to have 24-hour room service, which is a typical amenity at hotels. However, I realized this hotel does the normal room service feature which is only during daytime or mealtime hours.

I called room service at least three times a day which includes requests [for] snacks and it was so awesome.  Worrying right? I saw that gesture in the faces of the workers (room service) but hey, let me have my time. Though, I felt I was worrying the worker but she always came in with a smiling face and gestures. They’re really flexible and easy going.

When I stayed there, I didn’t end up meeting influential people or doing any business, but I did notice one interesting thing. The clientele who stay in this hotel are typically more successful entrepreneurs and clientele who are on to go.

— Reviewing products and services here in Cape Coast using social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and the others.


I wanted to sneak out early morning to have some weights lifted and do few pushups but was greeted with sad news that the gym is not ready and available.

Meals and snacks

I got here and the first place that came into mind was the hotel restaurant because it is the most convenient place at any hotel for me. Their menu, printed on a laminated sheet, included any kind of meal that will come into your mind. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, wine, and most foreign drinks were found on their shelves.

Nyaniba Hotel Cape360 capecoast


Like other unfenced hotels that pose risk at clients, I found Nyaniba Hotel fenced in blocks as usual with active security personnel manning the gate. The fence and gate are above the average person therefore making it difficult for a burglar to jump aside the electric wires sitting on the fence.


I found out this beautiful and modern structure with 40 rooms, a kitchen, restaurant, conference room that can take more than 50 people  had no pool and a gym. I inquired from the manager and was amazed at the plans ahead to put up an ultra modern gym and a pool before the middle of 2019.

I had a good experience there and would recommend Nyaniba Hotel to anyone visiting Cape Coast. You can locate Nyaniba Hotel on the Yamoransa – Cape Coast Road (Accra – Cape Coast). It is about 3-5 minutes’ walk from Yamoransa Station/Roundabout or few minutes’ walk when coming from Cape Coast road after Sammo Secondary High School.

Written by  Ekow Simpson

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