POFA Set To Build ‘Football City’

Cape360.net has gathered that Possible_Football_Agency, an agency that recruits and manages football players, has made it known to its cherished audience and followers about the agency’s plans to build a new football city.

The new Football City would be called Possible City Football Centre and will will have the following;

-accommodation for 120

-3 different FIFA-sized pitches.

-A gymnasium

-Entertainment Room

-Outdoor pool

-School for languages(English, French, Spanish)

-Religious buildings(Church, Mosque)


The Football City will bring the best young talented players to breathe the game each day and to go through the standards of player development.

Possible City Football Centre aims to produce quality players for the next football generation in Ghana.

The project is Expected to be completed by 2031.

Follow their on handles to know more.

Facebook: Possible Football Agency- POFA

Instagram : possible_football_agency

Twitter : @possible_FA

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