In a recent Facebook post by Yankey GH, a supposed team member of Highlife Singer Qwarme Zaggy complained bitterly about the Central Musiga Chairperson, Nana Queen Wan and called her out on her selfish acts during shows and performances hosted in Cape Coast.
Qwarme ZaggyAccording to Yankey GH, it looks as though Nana Queen Wan has been holding a grudge against his artist, Qwarme Zaggy.
“Yesterday at central vibration concert my respect for Nana Queen Wan dropped to the lowest degree and she doesn’t deserve to be a Musiga chairperson in central region, we don’t want you…
But I have a question for you Queen Wan, which of your artistes you have managed matches the standard of Quarme Zaggy ??
People like you are the reasons why central music is wallowing down because anything coming from this side that has your involvement flops.
Quarme Zaggy Mr. Lova came to support as a surprise artiste but you were highly angry and misbehaving asking people to sack him on state because he is not on bill why did you do that?? Do you have any personal fracas with him?
Your position as a Musiga chairperson if you don’t know let me tell you, you should rather help promote every artiste from the region but not to hate other artistes, if this what your agenda22 means then I’m sorry it’s a flop already.
Note: we are busy making progress with
(THE MRLOVA EP ) no time for bad energy.” – Yankey GH,

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