Kumasi Walking Day Tours Awarded Cultural Tour Company of the Year

Travel and hospitality in the United Kingdom, organizers of the Tourism and Hospitality Awards 2018 across the continent has awarded Kumasi Walking Day Tours the Cultural Tour Company of the year. [contentad widget=”604777″]

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Ben Kwesi Annan Kumasi Walking Day Tours

Their activities and services cuts across each continent, Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa and Australasia.

Kumasi Walking Day Tours established about 5 years ago by Ben Kwesi Annan is Local Curated Tour Guides Center that provides knowledgeable tour guide service for both local and foreign tourist to learn the Ghanaian culture, heritage, and taking adventurous trips.

Kumasi Walking Day Tour over the years of experience and recommendation had the opportunity work with Zeinab Badawi – BBC World News Presenter and other personalities across the world.

Ben Kwesi Annan Kumasi Walking Day Tours

Speaking to the CEO, tourism in Ghana can be made more flourishing and earning when the government commits to creating more tourist sites and fixing the deteriorating tour sites across the country.

‘I have handled and carefully toured with more than 200 tourists from across the world and to be honest, Ghana and its culture has a lot to offer the world’ he said.

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