5 Hottest Hangouts In Cape Coast

  • Getting an ideal place for your relaxation has never been easy, especially in these ‘’abnormal times’’ of petty crime, pilfering, extortion etc.

Weekends are moment when family, friends and colleagues are able to get enough time to relax, reflects, and prepare for the week ahead.

For your weekend relaxation, the ideal place to be is Cape Coast. Yes, Cape Coast. Cape Coast is not just the cradle of education in Ghana. It has the best taverns and entertainment centers to make your weekend a memorable one.

As the tourism hub of Ghana, Cape Coast can boast of amazing facilities for people who want to escape from the stress and hustle in the capital. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many people trip to Cape Coast on weekends for their relaxation.

Here are four (4) existing places you can hangout when you visit or move to Cape Coast for a weekend trip. 

Below are the top 4 hangout in Cape Coast for your weekend.

1. Whispers Pub

Whispers pub is the fastest-growing tavern within the Cape Coast metropolis. It is located on the starlet 91-Kotokoraba stretch.

Whispers pub is an ideal place for your weekend relaxation. A variety of drinks including local and continental meals are served at the premises of whispers pub.

You want an open house to host your event or spend quality time on the weekend, try whispers pub in Cape Coast. And oh, they make some very good cuisines as well.

2. Sahara Bar

Got a romantic date, try Sahara Bar. Sahara Bar, coupled with its accompanying beautiful scenery makes it a preferred place for your relaxation and hangout.

The Bar shares proximity with the Wesley Methodist Church and Ghana Library Board. A well-structured pub with a welcoming ambiance. You can’t visit Cape Coast and miss out on visiting such a unique place.  

3. Hutchland City

If you need a cool place to relax with good live band music, try Hutchland City in Cape Coast. Hutchland has an open space for relaxation and an inner lounge for people who would want to keep away from the open house party.

Hutchland City has all it takes for your weekend relaxation in Cape Coast.

4. Da Breeze

Da Breeze Bar and Restaurant is the most popular beach hangout in the municipality. A very clean and well-managed beach resort in the heart of Cape Coast. Da Breeze is located on the Ola-Takoradi stretch.

The environment at Da Breeze naturally kills stress. You can’t visit Cape Coast without spending some hours at Da Breeze.

5. The Bar Lounge

The Bar Lounge is an ultra modern restaurant and bar situated next to Sahara Pub. It is owned by a youth from Cape Coast. The Bar serves all sort of beverages both alcoholic and non- alcoholic , both local and continental meal.

Its located at Chapel Square, just behind the Wesley Methodist Church.

Source: Cape360.net

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