Hotels & Eateries In Cape Coast All Set For ‘Year Of Return’

Launched in 2018, the year of return project initiated in Africa first by Ghana for that matter President Akuffo Addo to open the gates for our brothers and sisters in Diaspora to come home to share their ideas to build Africa and also to celebrate 400 years of the America’s receiving their first ship with human cargo; salves. [contentad widget=”604777″]

As part of the activities for this celebration, a group of Hollywood actors visited Ghana with Boris Kodjo leading them to certain tourist sites in Accra and Cape Coast.

Whuspers Pub

This trip by the Hollywood celebrities has opened the door for a lot of African Americans to take a trip to the motherland, Ghana, to connect with their ancestors and get acquainted with their root and ancestors.

Cape Coast and Assin Manso, noted for its involvement in the Atlantic Slave Trade cannot be left out of a tourist’s visit to the country. Hence, these places plus others in Accra will be experiencing more visitations by the tourist and there is the need to put these facilities into good shape.

Stadium Restaurant

Sceneries for adventure, cultural and historical tours forms an integral part of one’s visit to the country; Ghana.  These include the Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle, Kakum National Park, the monkey sanctuary, boat riding on a crocodile pond, seeing them and a host of others.

An aspect of tourism, Hospitality, always emerges when we talk about tourism and this includes hotels, guesthouses, hostels, restaurant/eateries, pubs, night clubs, beach resorts and a lot.

Medallion Pizza

Speaking to the manager of one of the patronized as to whether they are ready for the year of return, he mentioned that since the news of the year of return got into their office they have made all the necessary maintenance , expanded their reach in terms of their promotions of their products and services.

‘This time we will keep tourists in our hotel as well as Cape Coast; research shows most tourist visits the attractions and return to Accra the same day. We have had several meetings with Cape360 Tours, AFODAT Cultural Troupe and other institutions to draw activities to keep the tourist in the City’ – Mr. Godfred Onso-Nyame added.

The managers of other entertainment or eateries like Hutchland City, Whispers Pub , Medallion Pizzaand Stadium Restaurant also commented on the effort for their management putting things in place to add assorted continental dishes to their menu in order to serve these tourists who will be trooping in Cape Coast.

The year of return comes with activities year round; PANAFEST, JAGHA FEST, EMANCIPATION DAY, CHALE WOTE, FETU AFAHYE and others.

By Ekow Simpson, Tourism and Sanitation Ambassador -Cape Coast

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