Honest Taxi Driver Who Returned GHC8,000 Receives Gifts

The honest taxi driver who returned the lost GCH8,000 receives gifts from numerous individuals.

A gentleman named Kwesi Ackon a taxi driver, who returned an amount of GH¢8,400 that was mistakenly dropped by a market woman in his vehicle has since received a lot gifts from the general public.

When the video went viral, most people were moved to the point of wanting to support the driver in every possible way.

Cape360.net has collated the amount that is currently known to have been donated to this honest man.

Here is a list of gifts he has received so far as the honest Taxi Driver Who Returned GHC8000 lost in a car.

Honest Taxi Driver Who Returned GHC8,000 Receives Gifts
Taxi driver who returned Ghc8000 to owner receives Ghc5,000 from Kidi.

Musician Kidi GH¢5,000

Vice President GH¢20,000

Manasse Azuri GH¢2,500

EKOSIISEN has raised money, amounting to GH¢15,000

Salt Media CEO, Ohene Kwame Frimpong GH¢7,800

This brings the total amount known so far to, GH¢50,300, which is almost six times what the driver would have kept for himself if he had chosen to be dishonest.

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