Heavy Downpour Floods Cape Coast And Kills 3 People

Cape Coast in the Central Region has had its share of the flood in tis rainy season which came in awe to many settlers.

Cape Coast isn’t know for that immense flooding but this year’s rains has hit Cape Coast so hard.

Three individuals have reported been swept away by flood at Kwaprow, a suburb of Cape Coast in the Central Region after heavy rains on Friday evening.

The deceased include two old women in their 80’s and a Security Officer working with the University of Cape Coast.

Information gathered by Cape360.net indicates that the two old women who’s residence  were near the arrow bridge was carried away by the flood that water submerged their homes.

Heavy Downpour Floods Cape Coast And Kills 3 People
Flooding in some parts of Ghana

Unfortunately, they couldn’t save themselves due to their old age.

In relation to the UCC Security Officer, the report says he was chasing his belongings which were being taken away by the flood but was swept away by the strong current of the water.

The bodies of the three deceased have not been retrieved yet as a search is underway to find them.

Many houses in Kwaprow Community were flooded leaving the resident with no option than to put up at the chief’s palace.

Source: Cape360.net

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