Ghana Education Service Reverts To Old Academic Calendar

  • Ghana Education Service, the institution that overlooks the education of the Ghanaian child has Reverts Back To Old Academic Calendar.

The Ghana Education Service has decided to go back to the old and normal academic calendar which was disrupted due to Covid 19.

The G. E.S. has made changes and adjustments to the current academic calendar. As P.T.A. we thought it wise and shrewd to inform parents for them to prepare for the impending changes. Parents are to note the following.

1. The G.E.S. will revert back to the old academic calendar.

2. There will be 3 full terms this year and 1 term of the next academic year all within this year.

3. Term 1 begins from January to March 2023.
2nd Term- April to June 2023
Term 3- July to September

4. Term 1 for the 2024 academic calendar is from September to December 2023.

5. Your wards will be promoted from their current class to the next class in September 2023. eg. If your ward is in class 6 now, by September he will be promoted to JHS 1

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6. Parents will be required to buy the books for their wards in the 2024 academic year in September 2023 instead of January 2024.

7. Parents are to note that the books they buy in September 2023 will be used by their wards until the end of the 2024 academic year.

8. Parents are to note that even though this arrangement will bring discomfort now, it will be a relief to them in January 2024 when they might have been now buying the books for their wards right after the Christmas festivities.

9. We as P.T.A. bear with parents in these trying times and the discomfort this will bring but this is solely the decision of the G.E.S. and not the School.

10. Parents are to plan and prepare adequately for the next 6 to 7 months when these changes mentioned will reach their peak.

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