Pay footballers $2000 monthly-Kwabena Yeboah to Ghanaian Clubs

The President of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG), Mr Kwabena Yeboah has urged Ghanaian club owners to pay footballers at least $2000 monthly to minimize the surge in player exodus.

He explained that the current rate footballers receive was low. “it is sad that some club owners pay footballers as little as Ghc500 monthly”.

GPL - Ghana Premier League
Ghana Premier League

Mr Yeboah said this at a breakfast meeting organized by leading online betting company Betway Ghana, with the SWAG, and the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) on how to positively build the Ghana Premier League (GPL).

The veteran Journalist expressed disappointment in the meagre salaries paid by some Ghana Premier League clubs to players adding that it was unacceptable for players to be paid “peanuts”.

He also tasked the clubs to seek for sponsorship to ensure that players were paid well in order to maintain and enhance the GPL to attract more spectators to the stadium.

He said, “The minimum salary to be paid to players should be at least $2000. That way, we can keep our top stars and minimize the act of players leaving the shores of Ghana to play abroad. If teams in Africa can pay such an amount to get our players, why can’t Ghana do the same?”.

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