EVENT: 2nd edition of Tapioca Street Arts Festival Slated for The Easter Holidays

The second edition of SPAA Media’s street arts festival TAPIOCA to promote tourism and arts in the Ada State has been dully launched. The street arts festival which is aimed at boosting tourism, its allied businesses, services, culture and rich arts of the Ada state is set to thrill thousands of patrons under the theme YEAR OF RETURN; ARTS AS A TOOL FOR ADVOCACY AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.

The festival scheduled for April 18th – April 22nd 2019 will bring together students, artisans, arts lovers, nature lovers, historians, industry players among various stakeholders in a uniquely blended activities that will thrill and delight patrons from Ghana and abroad for tourism promotion, arts exhibition and investment opportunities.  

Organizers say their line-up for the festival includes education for a general clean-up to improve sanitary conditions along the beaches and healthy living of citizenry. This event will help discourage open defecation which coastal communities are well known for.

There will be a workshop for industry players to engage on the challenges of arts and how to address those challenges to encourage the youth monetize their creativeness using structures available. Organizers believe this will help push the youth and minimize the plague of unemployment and social vices. [contentad widget=”604777″]

A float will also be organized in appreciation of arts in the region through a spirited morale ‘jama” by social youth groups.

Other activities will be history fair, food fair, street painting, street games like tuutumatu, alikoto, socks ball etc, film festival, fishermen wave, fun games and wave concert.

Speaking to the Chairman of the planning committee Seth Priceless Ala-Amegavie “Ada has been declared as the tourism enclave of Ghana by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture together with the Ghana Tourism Authority because of its potential which include spots for marine watching, the Volta estuary, beachfronts, waterfronts facilities, water sports, resorts, sacred mangroves, salt lagoon, warm hospitable people among many fine qualities.

This makes Ada the hidden treasure of Africa and with a festival like ours; we will project the best of all we have so the rest of the world can appreciate hence our lined-up activities for the festivities.

It is time to document and tell our own stories our own way and hence our tag, back to our roots”.

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