Ebro Darden’s Reaction After Visiting the Cape Coast Castle “NEVER FORGET BLACK PEOPLE SURVIVED THE MOST INHUMANE AND…”


Most tourists from the diaspora mostly share their true feelings after visiting the Cape Coast Castle where some Africans were forced overseas as slaves; to the Americas and the Caribbean.

As part of a project put together by the actor Boris Kodjoe; FULLL CIRCLE FESTIVAL, Boris brought about 40 celebrities from the diaspora to Ghana to learn and acquaint themselves to their ancestors and history. [contentad widget=”604777″]

The Hot 97 morning show host, Ibrahim “Ebro” Darden , wasn’t an exception. Born on March 17, 1975, he has worked and held the position as an American media executive and radio presenter.

He is currently a co-host on the Hot 97 morning show, Ebro in the Morning.

As part of their activities for the one week stay in Ghana, they visited the most renowned tourist attraction in Africa, THE CAPE COAST CASTLE.

Just like most tourist with African descent, their reactions after the visit to the dungeons in the castle always initiates an ending conversation on social media.

With no exception, this is what Ebro wrote on his Instagram page after connecting with his root and ancestry.

Oldmanebro Kwanzaa Day 5 — NIA/Purpose… today we returned through the same door, now called the “Door Of Return”, that our ancestors left Africa through. It was called “The Door of NO Return” for hundreds of years. And here we are. NEVER FORGET BLACK PEOPLE SURVIVED THE MOST INHUMANE & LARGEST HUMAN ATROCITY IN HISTORY….. In many ways we are broken, but many of us are working to rebuild spiritually & mentally & culturally. #fullcirclefestival2018 #capecoastcastle … 🇬🇭 Ghana the Black Star has brought us home!! 🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏼


Written by : Ekow Simpson

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