Download Ghana Education Service JHS Textbooks JHS Textbooks (PDF)

Are you a teacher in Ghana or parents and would like to have the textbooks to teach your wards? We have compiled few of the textbooks online for your perusal.

Download some of the subjects here in PDF.

BASIC-7-COMPUTING-Text-Book.pdf (141 downloads)

BASIC-7-INTEGRATED-SCIENCE-Text-Books.pdf (102 downloads)

BASIC-7-SOCIAL-STUDIES-Text-Book.pdf (141 downloads)

ghana education service text boks

BASIC-7-MATHS-Textbook-on-NUMBER-OPERATION.pdf (110 downloads)

ICT-Text-Book-for-JHS.pdf (77 downloads)

The rest will be updated to you in due course. Download: Textbooks For JHS 1-3 Available; All Subjects [PDF]

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