COA Mixture Relaunched In Ghana – 100% Herbal Immune Booster

COA Mixture Relaunched In Ghana – 100% Herbal Immune Booster has been relaunched yesterday at the Alisa Hotel, in Accra.

COA Mixture The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of COA Company, Prof. Samuel Ato Duncan, explained that COA Mixture was a well-researched plant medicine that had been scientifically developed and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

COA Mixture is one of the best medicines the world has ever produced because of the numerous evidence-based testimonies from users,” he said.

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Prof. Duncan said his outfit was close to a research breakthrough in a plant medicine from which, when successful, the country could realise not less than $32 billion annually.

“It is not an HIV and AIDS drug. COA Mixture is for healthy living; it is a 100 per cent natural product from plants and without any artificial preservatives.

Whether you are sick or not, you need COA Mixture for good health.


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