Central Music Awards Launch + Nominees


The organizers of the Central Music Awards announced to the populace of their plans to launch this year’s awards.

The launch of the BIG 10 and Nominees Announcement is slated to take place in Swedru on 18th September, 2021.

The venue for the celebration would be held at the Cedi Lounge and Kitchen at 7pm.

Furthermore, Heritage Promotions and Events together with the industry players will celebrate the progress of Central Music as well as unveil the various categories.

Speaking to Cape360.net ,the manager of Heritage Promotions reiterated that ”It is with love that, we shift attention from Cape Coast to Swedru to allow all, enjoy the attention and buzz this year’s event comes with. We acknowledge each and every one for their hard work, talent, and dedication.

Hopefully, we can continue to grow together and achieve new heights. Congratulations in advance to all artistes, managers and participants who made it to this stage.

However,this year also marks the 10th Anniversary of this awards scheme aimed at recognizing and awarding hard working musicians from / in the Central Region of Ghana.

Written; www.cape360.net

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