The Blame Game Is Over – The Rotten Atta-Mills Library

Besides, when I was taking over as minister, nothing on President Mills’s Library was included in my handing over notes, so we can’t fund it,” – Mr. Kwamena Duncan, (Former Central Regional Minister).

These were the exact words from the former Regional Minister Captured by months ago.

We are Cape360 want to ask these critical questions.

  1. Who contracted the John Evans Atta-Mills Library?
  2. Whose money was used for the project. (Was It State Funds or money from individuals?
  3. Is the Atta-Mills library having a Blueprint on how it should operate and Funded at all?
  4. Are we playing petty cheap politics with the Atta-Mills Library?
  5. Any role to be played by the Oguaa Traditional Council in this issue ?
  6. What is the media not doing?
  7. What steps will the youth of Cape Coast take to get this Library running?

A city which Is considered by many as the bedrock of education now struggles to get a Library functioning. We sometimes wonder if Truly Cape Coast Was The Ancient Capital.

A library which was Commissioned on July 24, 2016 by the NDC government hasnt been put to use close to five (5) year, yet we move in town with our heads up instead of Being Ashamed.

Are we going to allow this building rot?

Written by Prince Gyamfi

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