• The good people of Cape Coast are ready to embrace and celebrate ABANKESE MUSIC FESTIVAL #abankese22

For far too long castles in Africa have been stigmatized by the negative effects of slave trade.
ABANKESE which means ‘Castle’ will be the music festival that will shine a new light on the beautiful castles that Ghana has to offer.
ABANKESE MUSIC FESTIVAL is a celebration of Music, Arts and Culture with emphasis on our Heritage. This event is the gateway to uniting our people here at home and the Diaspora.
The historic festival which is going to be celebrated annually is slated for December 26th – December 27th, 2022.
ABANKESE seeks to elevate the Central Region of Ghana by embarking on socioeconomic activities that will be of benefit to the youth.
We therefore present ‘CITY OF HOPE’ – A charitable branch of the Abankese Music Festival which will annually select three brilliant children from three given schools and their Fees for the year paid for.
Abankese festival cape coastCity Of Hope is aimed at collaborating with The city of Cape Coast, Elmina and other nearby towns in the Central Region to create a music and art school for the youth.
Welcome to the Festival Of Castles. ABANKESE MUSIC FESTIVAL

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