4 Hours Experience: Cook Traditional Ghanaian Dishes

Engage in learning about the local cuisines of Southern Ghana. Discover interesting facts about their culinary skills, beliefs, traditions and habits. Experiencing and experimenting with local traditional food will enlighten you about their culture and rituals. 

  • We will meet you at the hotel, take a walk through city to the market and purchase the ingredients for the chosen dish.
  • Then, head home where the lesson will begin. Tourists will prepare the food, guided by the cook. After the preparation , we will settle down and have the best of the local dish together.
  • Types of cuisine to choose from:
    •  Waakye.
    •  Bank and Tilapia / Okro Stew.
    • Palava Sauce with Plantain.
    • Red Beans Stew.
    • Fufu and light soup.
    • Rice balls.
    • Jollof Rice.

PRICING : 60 USD Per Adult

  • The price includes tutoring fee and the cost of the ingredients, gas, water and other materials or tools to be used. 
  • Ghana local culinary guide

Interested in this activity or tour, please email us now to arrange. milliefjackson8@gmail.com

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